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Medical care;

tailored to your needs.

 Better access to high functioning healthcare. 

Montega Medical's mission:

To provide the best healthcare experience by keeping people fully engaged in a healthy and productive lifestyle. 

Did you have your women's check up yet?

About    Dr. Garcia. 

Family Medicine Physician who first became a doctor in Havana, Cuba; then came to America in the pursuit of freedom. Dr. Garcia studied Medicine the second time at Ross University, from scratch. His passion for his work and his love for Medicine make Dr. Garcia an advocate for the Sanctity of the "doctor-patient relationship ".  Doctor Garcia's approach is to treat every person as a whole. 

About  My Clinic

At Montega Medical we listen to understand and take better care of you.

All communication problems are due to the fact that most of the time we simply listen to reply while we should focus on understanding. Longer visits scheduled with the physician. 


Medical Degree:

Graduated from Ross University, School of Medicine.

Internship at Jackson Park Hospital, Chicago, Illinois. 

Residency Program of Family Medicine at St' Vincents Medical Center, Jacksonville, Florida. 



Primary Care

Weight loss-Antiaging.

Chronic conditions.



High cholesterol.

Women-Men wellness.

Direct Primary Care:

Direct primary care is the straightforward relationship between you and your doctor, just like how it used to be.

In the old days, general practitioners were the doctors you went to with all your basic health concerns. And in the old days, they were there for you, provided most of your care, screening, and preventive services, and generally worked with you in a symbiotic relationship to keep you well and treat what ailed you.

At some point in the last generation or so, that relationship crumbled.

We’re here to bring it back.

Telemedicine: You can get your medical care without leaving the comfort of your home.


Make An Appointment

We take several insurances such as Medicare, CarePlus, CIGNA,    HUMANA, and several others. 


151 College Drive Unit# 3, Orange Park, Fl, 32065. 

Monday to Friday ( 9 am - 5 pm)

Weekends by appointments only. 

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